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Virus, malware and spyware removal experts in Cairns


Service — Computer Maintenance in Bungalow,QLD
Adaptive PC Solutions is the answer to all your computer issues. Based in Bungalow, our skilled technicians repair, build and maintain computers and laptops—all at highly competitive prices.

Not sure if your computer needs repairs? Here are some of the common signs below:

  • Computer is running slow
  • Computer is making loud or strange noises
  • Computer freezes or crashes
  • Computer is hot to touch

Can't bring in your computer to us or don't have the time? Not to worry! Our technicians provide a pick-up and drop off service to save you the hassle. We service residential and commercial clients based throughout the Cairns region and surrounding areas. Call us today.
Computer Service — Computer Maintenance in Bungalow,QLD

Computer & Laptop Repairs

Computer not turning on? At Adaptive PC Solutions, we provide comprehensive repairs for computers and laptops. Computer too bulky to ... Read more
Virus — Computer Maintenance in Bungalow,QLD

Virus Removal

Computer running slow, showing popups or having connection issues? Our skilled technicians provide a comprehensive scan and clean service ... Read more
Power supply replacement — Computer Maintenance in Bungalow,QLD


If your laptop keyboard, battery or power supply is faulty, we offer affordable replacements. Get in touch for a competitive deal, we guarantee our work.

Laptop Screen Replacements

Screen cracked? We provide fast and effective laptop screen replacements within 24 hours (in most cases).


We have power supplies for standard PC's, Gaming PC's and Laptops and we also offer competitive pricing.


Data loss can be costly to both the home and business user. That's why our experts can backup your ... Read more

Internal & External Cleans

Your computer has internal fans that create an airflow throughout the hardware. However, over time it also deposits dirt and dust. This can cause overheating and ultimately can cause damage to your computer. Extend the life of your computer with an ... Read more

Custom Builds

Whether you're after a cheap PC for internet and email access or a high-end gaming machine—we can source the parts to suit your computing needs. By having all the parts readily available instore to build a low to mid-budget PC, we can have it ready within 24 hours of your order.

Remote Support

Need computer support but can't leave home or the office? Our experts can provide instant support via remote desktop control to assess most computer issues and determine the appropriate steps needed to fix it. Just simply call us and we ... Read more
CD's — Computer Maintenance in Bungalow,QLD

CD & DVD Duplication

Got important information stored on a CD or DVD? Come on in to Adaptive PC Solutions today! We can duplicate these for you in order to prevent the unexpected loss of your valuable data. Our team can ... Read more
VHS and CD — Computer Maintenance in Bungalow,QLD


With VHS and video camera tapes becoming ancient technology, it's important to have these transferred to a more modern form of digital media such as hard drives, flash drives or DVDs. We have ... Read more
Slideshow — Computer Maintenance in Bungalow,QLD

Slideshow Production

We have the facilities and expertise to transfer your beloved pictures into a video slideshow. This can then be copied onto DVD or any other media that can be plugged into your smart TV for easy viewing by friends and family.


As part of our comprehensive service, we provide ... Read more

Printing & Scanning

We have a printing and scanning facility available instore for your convenience.

Software Purchase & Installs

At Adaptive PC Solutions, our team can source and install ... Read more


Need help using a computer? At Adaptive PC Solutions, we teach clients the ins and outs of operating their new computer system. From adding email accounts to organising files, we can help.


External hard drive or USB not working? At Adaptive PC Solutions, we have a data recovery facility available that's allowed us to maintain a very high success rate.